Sisters (in-law) Charlotte Cutler and Rebecca Akerlund have come a long way since the ‘good old days’.

These girls have, between them, run wildly hedonistic nights and interviewed music stars like Mick Jagger. Charlotte is a good friend with a group lovingly referred to by the press as the ‘Mossy Posse’ (friends of Kate Moss). But just how did they all meet!? We talk to the girls about just how dramatically life has changed for them both… 


We first of all noticed Charlottes fabulous shoes ...

Charlotte: Ooohh yes, I have so many, they lead all the way up the stairs to the top floor and I use some as doorstops… My friend Stella (designer Stella McCartney, a family friend) sends them to me. 

What do you both do?

Charlotte: I am a VIP and PR Director but used to run an infamous club night, Rebecca used to be an MTV presenter but is now a brilliant author! 

Rebecca: I was born in Stockholm and moved to London when I was 16 to join a band. As a TV presenter I interviewed some of the most exciting artists in the world but I don’t miss it at all – I love writing. This year my book ‘I am Ed’ was published.

How did you both meet?

 Rebecca: We met out and about on the scene. It was a different time, a different world! I introduced Charlotte to her partner who happens to be my brother! (Daniel Lindegren, an alternative music artist, who performs under the name Tommy Sparks). And now they are getting married at the Swedish church in Marylebone next year!

Charlotte: It was around the time that Oasis was getting really famous. I had been to America dancing, I came back from LA, back into the scene, and it was there Rebecca introduced me to my fiancé. He was sat on a bin!

Where did you hang out?

Charlotte: It was a fun time to go out clubbing then, I started to run this club night called Kabaret, every Thursday, at a time where you didn’t have to pay £1000 for a table somewhere. You could just buy a drink and hang out. Everyone used to come down there. 

Who used to come?

 Charlotte: Loads of people! Brad (Pitt), Kate (Moss), Keith (of the Prodigy) but was relaxed you could just go in jeans and a t-shirt.The funniest were people like Mick Hucknell, Marilyn Manson. Salman Rushdie came down once and he had to have his bodyguards scope it out first. Mariella Frostrup, she was always there. It was mad, such a mix. Madonna had her after party there. Ali G – he was always there. He never came as Ali G. He was just Sasha, the funny tall man. U2, The Rolling Stones – they all came.

Rebecca: I was more rock and roll but Kabaret you could do, whatever you were into. It was cool.

How did it become so infamous?

Charlotte: Because famous people could be themselves, be anonymous. In the first 6 months I was worried that no one would come. Then people would queue round the block and I would have to pluck people out – I would pick the crowd, running to and from the door frantically and then going back in the club to have a little dance.

Eventually I trained someone up to do the door so I was inside, more of a host. I got on dance floor and got everyone dancing, really got the party going – my sister would just come and have fun! (Fran Cutler, the celebrity PR guru).Our corner was the cool corner and then there was a posh corner where all the toffs hung out. I never allowed cameras though and it was before smartphones. People could relax - the whole point was for people to have a laugh and be anonymous.

You must really miss that?

Rebecca: Life has changed so much for both of us since those hedonistic days! What used to be a wild night out has transformed into nights in with a good book. With the kids and stuff now, Charlotte and I love our Sundays together with the family. I enjoy cooking so it’s food that we both love now rather than parties.

Tell us about your typical Sunday.

 Rebecca: So, I read the paper then all the families all come round to me on a Sunday – food and cooking becomes a project, it takes a whole day. I am very instinctive with cooking and need to be left alone. It’s always quite busy on the Sunday; the whole family hooks up and just eats. It’s a social thing.     

 And the one thing you take to bed on a Sunday night?

 Rebecca: We are part of a book club so we have books to study each week! That comes to bed with me. Although Charlotte rarely makes the meetings!