Insights from the Third Wheel: Sundays with Molly & Joel

After reading their fairy-tale love story, I’m sure like many of us you proceeded to stalk this handsome pair. Your searching would have found cute photos of their Sunday mornings and insights into their “dreamy” life.  As their roomie and best friend I am here to give you a behind the scenes snapshot of this PJ Powerhouse….without the cutsie questions! Do not be fooled, it’s not all freshly baked bread, snuggles and high fives.

*Note* I left the cutsie photos in …only now you know, Molly probably blow-dried her hair 5 mins before this and Joel has been up since 5am looking for Molly’s bank card and choosing men’s PJ buttons!

The business is all over town. Selfridges, Fortnum's, Bergdorf's, Vogue rah rah rah, do you think you’ll eventually buy a new couch so you can both fit on it in the evenings or do you think you’ll keep our Brixton treasure?

MJ:  And lose the memories of lugging the sofa down the street from the second hand shop, only to have to get the guys to come and dismantle it to fit in the door, ALL BEFORE Joel got home and be Mr. Practical?!! No way … But I am not sure it ever recovered after being pulled apart?

You guys, wake up together, work together, sleep together and the rest! Starting a business surely is the ultimate test for a life partner, do you credit your PJs for putting you through the ultimate test for Mr and Mrs?

MJ:  Of course, they [PJs] have magical powers!! You should know that...

This flat is quickly becoming a cover of Vogue/Kinfolk and a D&D homeware showroom right before my very eyes. What are your three favourite things in here and why?

MJ: Well Joel’s is undoubtedly the ginormous Moroccan puff that came back with us from Marrakech which now holds my summer wardrobe …

JJ: We ‘borrowed’ a great beer glass from the pub which is amazing, although it’s hard to keep hold of so I might take to hiding it from you and Molly.

MJ: Haha yes! And those also ‘borrowed glasses’ from Café Boheme.

JJ: We bought a cool little dog matchstick holder in New York, it’s a complete pain to light a match on but it always makes me laugh. I love our dinner chairs, it’s the only mid century style furniture I’ve been allowed so I’m holding onto them with all my might. Molly also got me an awesome print of the chicken shop in Brixton when we moved into the flat, so that too. I know that’s 4. But the dog matchstick will fit in the beer glass so that’s ok I reckon.

MJ: I love ‘my girl’. My painting on the wall … My mum and I bought it in Paris when I was 18 and it has FINALLY come to live at ours after residing in Australia for 7 years now.


The colourful cake tins that stack into a tower. They were my Grans and after many subtle hints she finally gave them to me for our engagement present. They must be 50 years old now!

I love all the hooks we have around the place too. I use to collect teacups but have swapped to hooks due to practicality reasons. Apparently tea ups don’t bounce and being slightly clumsy on occasion, they sadly did not last.  

You both have your moments, Molly as the “Ice Queen” and Joel as the “The Silent Assassin”, can you tell me about these characters and how they came about?

JJ: Anyone who has been on the receiving end of the ice queen knows the look. I’m not sure where it first came from but I think it has such an impact because you don’t expect it from Molly (usually so friendly).  If Molly freezes you out it’s best to bring chocolate and flowers and a good joke to make her laugh. Never yellow flowers though. Trust me.

MJ: Well there is not really much to it. Joel is a man of few words. For better or worse. He thinks before he speaks, looks at the whole situation, and rationally decides his next move. While most of these qualities may seem “for the better”, let me tell you that when you are passionately and excitedly telling him an idea (that may or may not mean big budgets) and you get a ‘hmmmmm….. ‘ you will understand the Silent Assassin.  

 You’re both great cooks. One difference being Joel also cleans up. Joel, with Molly's skill of covering the kitchen from one side to the other, do you have a forward strategy to conquer this or are you ok to settle with this habit for the sake of her delicious Shepherd’s pie?

JJ: Over the past couple of years I’ve deployed a few tactics to try and resolve this. So far, bribery in the form of chocolate seems the best policy. When that doesn’t work I think I will have to convince myself that the messy cooking is what makes things taste better. 

Molly and Joel, what do you think are your best and worst habits? And don’t give me the newlywed answers.

MJ: Joel’s best...Hahaha putting our towels on the radiator so they are warm when you get out of the shower. Joely’s Worst: Sneezing three times in a row. All the time. SO loudly. Always in my ear!

JJ: Were we supposed to answer for ourselves or about each other?!

Molly's Best: We were at a good friends wedding and a story was told about how his parents used to stand in the kitchen and spin around three times in a circle with their arms out saying “I am terrific, I am terrific, I am terrific”. Recently, Molly has adapted this. So now if either of us wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you can spot us spinning around in circles three times saying “We are wonderful, we are wonderful, we are wonderful”. The neighbours think we are nutters.

Molly's Worst: Leaving her dental floss on the side of the sink, ‘hanging’ the washing out by throwing it on the clothes line or not waking up to her own alarm.

MJ: That’s three, Phoebs asked for one!!!

At the start of the year you bought bikes to make the morning commute that much faster. Joel, considering Molly's Uber bill, give me some excuse examples for her addiction and do you think next year it would be best to buy a car?

JJ: I think if we ever buy a car, I will start driving for Uber and just hang around outside our flat! Mostly, I think the excuses focus around the amount of things that need to be taken to the office. I’m convinced Molly is Mary Poppins, and has some sort of bottomless drawer that always provides more bulky items to be carted around in Ubers. Rain, cold weather or alcohol in the evenings conveniently seems to result in impossible amounts of new things. 

 Molly moves faster than lightening in every way. Her thoughts and her actions. The consequence of this is that she forgets her bank card and other important items. Every single day. She’s never let us down. Joely, given your pace is about one quarter the speed, do you think after meeting Molly you slowed down to pick up those little pieces she left behind?

JJ: Haha I’d not thought of that, but that’s a good way to think of it. I think if Molly and I moved at the same pace we’d end up in a bit of trouble. We’re lucky it’s a pretty good balance but sometimes I think my day to day pace causes some little arguments. I reckon I can turn on the pace if I need to though... maybe. 

Keeping to this theme, Molly, as discussed sometimes we don’t know if Joel is behind us as we have walked so fast in front. Explain Joel's Sunday pace compared to the rest of the week?

 MJ: Hahaha its like being married to a sloth ….

Joely, Molly is more spritely than most in the mornings. Talk me through some of her antics?

JJ: One thing about Molly is she is the world's best sleeper. She can shut off and be in the deepest sleep anywhere. Molly also likes to get up super early. The downside of those things combined is that when Molly’s alarm goes off, she rarely hears it. So mornings almost always start with me getting up to grab Molly’s alarm, and then waking her up. Once she’s out of bed though, that’s it. Regardless of the time the lights are on, showers are on and there’s some sort of meditation or stretching happening at the foot of the bed. Needless to say, that by the time the Harry Potter audiobook is on, I’m also up.

 What’s something that’s never in fridge but that you both rely to always be there without actually buying it?

MJ: Milk & Eggs. Nespresso Pods?

JJ: Tomato Pure 


In a small flat, we don’t have any secrets. We can hear each other breathe at times. I haven’t heard you argue since being married. Have I missed something? What was the latest tiff?

MJ: Hmmm … I ‘misplaced’ the D&D bank card for a day or two …

JJ: Not misplaced, lost. You found it after I’d cancelled it and the bank had a replacement on the way…

 What is always missing in the flat?

MJ: My Keys? Phone? Cards?

JJ: More like what isn’t missing in the flat!

You went to Lidl last week to save money. I know because you told me 10 times.  Since, unplugging the TV to also put the money towards PJs. Do you expect that all these savings from Lidl will keep up or is the TV gone for good?

JJ: Lidl was short lived, so for now the TV is gone for good. I don’t think I really miss it as living with you two means we’re mostly trawling through Netflix for Rom Coms.

 What’s your signature dance move?

MG: Joel can Moon Walk. I know, it shocked me too!

JJ: Molly used to Irish dance.  I wouldn’t say a little Jig is her signature move at all, but it is great when she's had enough to drink and you convince her to give it a go