All tucked up in their Whitechapel flat live model Lydia and finance consultant Josh. With busy jobs and busy lives, Sunday is their day to spend together, sleeping in, making breakfast, and occasionally leaving the house for a roast and a wander with friends.

We were so excited to sit down with this lovely couple (and friends of D&D) to chat about all things Sunday and sleep, from their go-to spots to their night-time routine and their relationship with sleep.

Hi Lydia, Hi Josh. Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

Lydia: I’m Lydia and I’ve been modelling for nearly 6 years or so in London.

Josh: I use to model as well but now I’m in finance, I’m a consultant for a bank in the city.

L: We’ve been living together in Whitechapel, east London for over a year now and love our little studio flat.

How did you meet?

J: We met at the Isle of Wight festival back in 2014, I already knew Lydia from the pictures I’d seen at the agency we were both represented by at the time (Models1), but we’d never actually met in person.

L: Josh DM’d me on Facebook a couple of days before the festival asking me to save him and a friend a camping spot next to my tent, and that’s when we fell in love!

J: I took her out after we got back from the festival, we met in London and went to Five Guys and All Bar One for our first date... Classy.


What do Sundays mean to you?

J: Sunday are a time to lie in, watch the football highlights, play PlayStation and cook a fry up!

L: Sundays we are usually hungover so we’re not up till midday, then we summon up the strength to leave the house and get a coffee somewhere nice or go meet friends for a roast.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up on a Sunday morning?

L: First thing that comes to mind on Sunday mornings is “do we have any bread?!”

J: Same!

What are your favourite things to do together on a Sunday?

J: We love to go to Shoreditch and have a wander around the food stalls at Brick Lane Market, do a bit of vintage clothes shopping then get a pint at the Well & Bucket.

Tell us your three favourite weekend spots in London?

L: Our favourite places in London on Sundays are, The Princess of Shoreditch for a banging roast, Genesis Cinema and home.


Do you have any night-time rituals?

L: Our night-time rituals are very basic and in routine. We will have our last cig of the night out our window, then brush our teeth together and put our retainers in haha!

J: Then we wind down to cooking programmes in bed until open of us falls asleep.

What is your relationship with sleep?

J: We LOVE sleeping!

L: Most nights we sleep very well, getting a full 7 hours or so in, although I find it hard to get to sleep if Josh falls to sleep first, I get scared for some reason unknown.

J: Also sometimes Lydia elbows me in her sleep and loves to drape her legs across me, other than that we’re both heavy sleepers so I don’t usually mind.

How does the quality of your sleep affect you when you’re awake?

L: We can go about our day on quite little sleep as we’re still both quite young, however over the last couple years a late night has affected us a lot more. I can be quite dopey if I don’t get enough sleep, crashing around 3/4 in the afternoon.

J: Me too, I’m fine in the morning but start to fade after lunch if I don’t get enough sleep.

What is are your biggest dreams?

J: Our biggest dreams is to be together, be secure and be happy.

L: Same.


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