How did our PHEEBS get its name?


In the bedroom next to ours lives one Phoebe Pershouse.
Banana Bread extraordinaire. Smooth talker. Deep thinker. Great adventurer and officially an 'astronaut relations executive'. Yep, that’s a thing. Phoebe is part of the team that is getting space tourists to the final frontier. 

Now, excuse the pun but when it came to naming our new galaxy print, the stars were aligned.  

The truth is we have had this print for over a year now. It has sat patiently on our rail with a swing tag named ‘Zodiac’ waiting for its time to shine (Heheh get it?). But, when it came to preparing it for its big debut, the name Zodiac seemed rather dull.

So, here’s how the stars aligned…. 

Pondering dull alternatives to Zodiac, we sat on the bus with a thesaurus app as it spat out words for star, galaxy, zodiac with no prevail.

 When we walked in the door that night Phoebe was on the phone to a women explaining that her town was the only place in the world that was going to see an upcoming solar eclipse and that she needed to find a place for the future astronauts to stay to see it! How had we not thought to even ask Phoebe? 




The following day Phoebe sent an email a link to an article label ‘Phoebe comes into focus'. The star signs featured in the print are Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra and Virgo. Santa Claus, Dempsey, Desmond, and Phoebe. No Joke. It was a done deal the print was to be named Phoebe. A celebration of the whirlwind two years full of stars, moons, spaceships and pyjamas. 

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