How did our DUDES get their name?


I have a friend named Ciara O’Shea. She’s Irish, didn’t you guess? Ciara O'Shea is a big dog make up artist and her husband owns the greatest coffee shop in Brixton named F. Monday’s. Not only were they the first "couple friends" Joel and I made together but they are also probably the coolest couple I know. 

What does Ciara O'Shea have to do with the name of our slippers?

Well, the first thing about Ciara is that she is as straight talking as they come. As we walk through Brokewell park in the morning, she often tells me that our instagram needs work or our photoshoots could do with a little more spark. Ciara O'Shea is our go to girl when it comes to honest feedback, solicited or not. 

The second thing is that her vocabulary is filled with the most colourful, spirited words in the dictionary. Lush, Delicious,  boiesterous, rumbunctious…and my favourite…. DUDE. Dude(s) in Ciara's world translates to  all these marvellous words rolled into one. A favourite postitive word is Dude. 

When we first showed Ciara O'Shea our slippers, we got a DUDES. I hate to brag, but oh how Mrs. O’shea is right. Our Slippers are ALL THAT JAZZFurry on the inside, chic on the outer, coloured in a way that screams Sundays. They are total DUDES. 

So, there we have it. That’s how D&D's slippers got their name.

Ciara in her D&D's and Vintage Liberty Scarf. 

Ciara in her D&D's and Vintage Liberty Scarf.