The Artist’s Studio Issue was inspired by the likes of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso pottering around their studios creating the great works of our time.

Running alongside Desmond & Dempsey’s Spring Summer ‘19 collection, it’s an issue that looks at the rituals of artists in their creative sanctuaries, their passions outside of the art world, and the beauty of a work in progress. The half finished canvases, the well-loved tools and crusty old paint tubes, the sketches and studies covering the walls.

By stepping into the homes and studios of artists, curators and collectors, we glimpse into how the artists themselves are inspired, how the artworks come to be, and how we ourselves can get our hands on them. 



After moving to Morocco on a whim with nothing but a sewing machine, Laurence Leenaert met her fiancé and business partner, Ayoub Boualam at a dinner party. Shortly after, she convinced Ayoub to come on as business manager of her lifestyle brand, LRNCE, which was growing too quickly to be contained in the bedroom of her small riad. 

Since then, the couple has combined Ayoub’s business sensitivity with Laurence’s strong creative vision to build LRNCE into the brand it is today. Starting with textiles, Laurence first created rug designs to be woven to life using the traditional practices of local artisans.

She has since tried her hand at leather goods, clothing and ceramics which now stand out on the shelves of London’s Conran Shop and the Bon Marché in Paris, featuring motifs inspired by her life in Morocco.

Having both left their home countries to live abroad, we spoke to them about what they had loved and learnt  about moving away, the inspiration behind the brand, and most importantly, their formula for the perfect Sunday.



Born in Japan to an American father and a Japanese mother, Ammon Rost is a San Francisco transplant now based in LA. Spending his days producing large-scale abstract paintings infused with romantic detail, he is passionate about culture and the changing dialogue in the artistic community.

Where once the voices of minority groups were drowned out, they are now rising above the crowds to tell stories unheard in the past, a turning point in history that Ammon is excited to witness as ongoing conversation and the work of his peers of diverse backgrounds change the art world for the better.

We met at his studio one sunny LA morning to talk about his creative process, escaping to nature to resolve internal battles, and his greatest inspirations, which he expressed with a healthy mix of passion and humour. 



On a particularly gloomy London morning, we met gallerist Lucinda Bellm and New York-based curator, Roya Sachs. As we arrived at Lucinda’s Shoreditch apartment, we stepped out of the drizzle and into a home filled with art and objects collected over years of travel.

From floor to ceiling canvases and photography by Lucinda’s talented sister Kate, to a hanging chain of wooden bananas, a smiling ceramic bong and an eclectic mix of furniture. 

Friends since their early teens, and both having broken swiftly into the art world after their studies in New York, collaborating was a natural progression in Roya and Lucinda’s friendship intertwining their respective interests to bring together shows held in Lucinda’s gallery, LAMB Arts.

On the morning we spent together we talked about their interest in the art coming out of South America, the passions they pursue in their downtime, and what they have learnt from each other as friends and collaborators.



Having moved from the North West coast where he was raised outside Seattle, Marcus Leslie has made his home in New York City.

Spending his days gently moulding the minds of his second-grade class, he uses the long summer months to paint without interruption, and during the year once the school bell rings it’s back to the studio.

Capturing the small moments that make up a life, Marcus artfully focuses on the beauty of the everyday and aims to tell intimate stories through his work. As he shows us around his space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we chat about the New York art scene, balancing teaching with painting, his love of skateboarding, and his Sunday spots.