Dear Friends, 

This is a campaign to get you back horizontal. An endeavour really, to get you back to bed. You see, it seems we, the old pyjama suit, are getting too big for our own beds and find ourselves desperately in need to catch up with our old friend. 

In this modern tale where productivity is king of the castle, we find ourselves overworked, taking to the streets in an effort to earn our keep. There’s no denying that we like a little flirting with your denim, and the occasional fling with Waitrose but our true love is being forgotten. 

It is dear lover, time that we rekindle our old world romance.

Its time to take a walk in the hidden landscapes of our dreams; to practice the human burrito with Robert Duvet; to invite Wee Willie Winkle in for tea, to indulge in the richness of the night; to dance the un-choreographed toss and turn; to do what all lovers do… and lastly, simply, to be still. 

Some may call us selfish for demanding a full 8 hours of your time and the occasional Sunday - but they say love makes the world go around. And our heart belongs to a King Sized man. 

x D&D 



Our BACK TO BED campaign is a celebration of THE ORIGINALS. Deliberating how best to broadcast this story, we discovered the work of photographer Ted Spagna. The significance of Spagna’s work lies in both the aesthetic and scientific implications for sleep behaviour research. 

To satisfy his own curiosity about sleep behaviour he began photographing humans sleeping with the indefatigable eye of the time-lapse camera. Each portrait consists of 30 images taken at fixed intervals throughout the night from a “gods eye view” of the sleeper.

The images themselves depict the inherent beautify, rhythm and organisation of natural behaviour that Spagna often referred to as the “architecture of sleep”.

Mesmerised by Spagna’s work and with our own growing inclination to yell “SLOW DOWN, STOP WORKING, enjoy being in your pyjamas, GET INTO BED” we set out to create our own “architecture of sleep”.

It felt organic and right to use the originals in the setting for which they were initially designed.

Of course, our love of Sundays came into play and our focus extended past the zzz’s and into the soft morning light of the weekend.

For us, this exploration of comfort captured the senses we hope are experienced when getting into bed with a pair of our D&Ds. 

x Joel & Molly