It started with a fondness for their cheese and ham croissant. It turned into our Sunday routine.

Together, GAIL’s Bakery and Desmond & Dempsey have collaborated to bring our PJ prints to the kitchen with an exclusive apron and tea towel, and to celebrate the slow groove of Sunday morning.

x Joel & Molly


The sunday paper: bread column

In celebration of our collaboration with GAIL’s, we have included a dedicated Bread Column in issue #6 of The Sunday Paper by Meg Abbott and Issy Croker of The Curious Pear. It is an ode to the power of bread as a pillar of humanity the world over, and its ability to bring communities together.


Mornings have never been my favourite time of day. If you fall into the ‘night owl’ personality bracket, you may sympathise with my seething resentment towards the alarm clock, the daily sensation of walking through tar to the bathroom and shocking myself to life with a splash of cold water before searching the sleep-soaked recesses of my mind for the day of the week. This has always been the way, and I’ve come to accept that it probably always will be. However, there is one thing that gets me out of bed like nothing else, including bright sunshine, birthdays and Christmas day, and that is bread. Thick, crunchy, butter-slicked toast has punctuated my mornings since I can remember. It has come to represent the turning point in the day, when I turn from grouchy she-wolf to functioning human being. I saw it as a major step towards adulthood when my flatmate and I began buying fresh bread from the local baker’s. We would tear chunks out of it as we walked home, rejoicing in its crackly crust and fluffy insides, deciding what we were going to do with it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This perfectly crafted, handmade kind of bread is what I ache for on a jaded Saturday morning, or after a long flight. The kind of bread that makes heartache better and hangovers bearable. Food can be complex, colourful and tirelessly crafted, but there are few things that satisfy that unnamable human desire for comfort more than a simple loaf of bread.

Read the full article in The Sunday Paper: Mañana Issue, launching soon!