the power of the stars

Me, in our office as I write this post.

Me, in our office as I write this post.

As our team grows, I have felt an overwhelming pressure to learn to ‘manage’. In my head, a successful entrepreneur is someone who is organised, who has spreadsheets, who networks, who answers emails quickly (while at the gym at 5 am) and who works through the night coding their own websites.

How could I be this successful entrepreneur and manager? I am unable to code and constantly lose the scraps of paper with my to-do lists. I forget my password to every productivity app and I still have to get someone to double check my spelling for ‘pyjamas’.

Each week a new podcast would reinforce my doubts as I compared myself to the productivity of the tech and product entrepreneurs and their unwavering love for their businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our product and get butterflies when I hear people talk about spending Sunday Mornings in their D&D's. I feel strongly and passionately about being part of a movement that encourages people to slow down. I am excited about growing our business, but, the reality means a lot of questions, a lot of emails and a lot of organisation.

During one teary breakdown, my husband (and co-founder) suggested in his very charming English accent and diplomatic way, that perhaps I should switch off the startup podcasts. That organisation, tidiness, spelling and spreadsheets *might* never be what that team need from me.

He said that there were other ways of being entrepreneurial and the team had a handle on those things anyway. He asked if instead, I could help him to encourage the team to take risks, to think creatively, to get giddily excited and totally carried away. I told him that although he was absolutely wrong, I would try to help him it in the meantime...

I booked a group astrology session for our team. I am not sure it was exactly what Joel had in mind, but for those who know me, it shouldn't come as a shock...

So last Friday we sat down with Hedy (The Nymph of Neptune) and with everyone's permission had our stars read aloud. We were told what makes us tick, and a little bit about how we think. There were no real surprises but it did help us understand how each other communicate and what they need to feel valued.

For me, it was a chance for everyone to daydream a little, to be curious and to get the logical brains thinking differently.

I am still nervous about the expectations, and our growing team and business but for the first time in a while, I am excited about this side of D&D... I am not sure what we will do next. Maybe I’ll ask my psychic ...

x Molly ( The Dempsey)