We had finished breakfast out by the pool and I had just lit up a cigarette when Marc finally appeared. He kissed Sofia on the neck and mumbled something about how we were already awake, considering the time that we went to bed.  Sofia assured him that we hadn't finished up much later than him and quickly stood up to clear away the breakfast. 

I had known Marc for years now. We had met at a function I wasn't supposed to be at - otherwise, I'm not sure our paths ever would have crossed. Marc had a fondness for all things beautiful in life and the speed at which he fell in love with them never ceased to amaze me. He had told me once that it was our responsibility in life to seek beauty; our ‘divine purpose', he had called it. I can recall wondering at the time why he had taken such a liking to me; I wasn't beautiful, nor was I in the least bit remarkable but yet I knew, strangely enough, that he did love me. 

The rest of that day was spent recovering from the night before. I claimed one of the sun loungers by the pool and sat sweating out Margaritas and listening to Marc and Sofia up on their balcony. Drifting off I was aware that I was beginning to feel quite at home in this world that didn't belong to me.

When I awoke Sofia and Marc had reappeared and she was in the middle of telling us that it was time we went into town. 

‘We leave in two weeks,' she said, ‘and you are still yet to take to me to every café in town like you promised.'