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Neither Marc nor Sofia grew up wanting for anything, looks or money. They were blessed in every sense of the word and yet they were restless.

Marc had moved to Monaco a few months prior in an effort to escape the clutches of the world he had grown up in and Sofia had quickly followed suit.

Ennui. Our boredom was an indulgence here but back there it had been suffocating. The moment we had arrived at Monaco station we had been aware of a feeling that anything was possible; a feeling that this place existed outside of the norms of our previous reality. We had the whole summer ahead of us and we were in love - what could be more perfect?

We were in love with each other, with this place, with the people that this place allowed us to be.I often wonder whether we knew that these were the days that we would spend the rest of our lives remembering. I think now that we did.