Sundays with Jordana Claudia

Good morning Jordana. An absolute style boat, Jordana spends a Sunday morning at home in Tennessee in our Howie Cami. Globe trotter and pillow collector, Jordana constantly inspires with photography and styling. 

My name is:

Jordana - @jordanaclaudia

I am a:

Wife. Canadian living in Nashville, Tennessee. Taco connoisseur. Expert pillow collector. Clean freak and lover of sunshine & summer. Oh, and I love capturing & styling pretty images too.

My alarm is set at:

7:00 am...then the snooze button gets hit and 7:30 am turns into 8am.

I normally wake up next to:

My dreamy husband.

To start the day I:

Stretch, wash my face and drink a big glass of ice water.

My favourite thing to do in bed is:

Welllllllllll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Napping is also nice!


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